SUNMI recently announced that her new album, “꼬리(TAIL),” will be released on February 23.

The tracklist for “꼬리(TAIL).” | @official_sunmi_/Twitter

The first set of concept photos, which were released on February 17, are breathtaking: she looks like she stepped out of a painting, with her flowy clothes and flowers surrounding her.

| @official_sunmi_/Twitter

One of them, however, surprised fans.


SUNMI has never been one to shy away from being bold, but fans were surprised to see her holding out her middle finger proudly!

| @official_sunmi_/Twitter

Thankfully, her fans’ reception of the photos was abundantly positive, praising her for attitude.

The name of her title track, “What The Flower,” is also quite tongue-in-cheek.

| @official_sunmi_/Twitter

We’re looking forward to seeing what this unapologetic queen has in store for us on February 23!