On the latest episode of MBC’s “Omniscient,” Sunmi’s manager told the emotional story of how Sunmi had helped her during a difficult time.

The September 15 broadcast of the popular reality show featured the everyday life of Sunmi and her manager. During the episode, Sunmi’s manager invited the singer to her home and told her, “Sunmi, this is your home.”

The manager explained in an interview, “To be honest, I was in a financially difficult situation when I moved into that house. I looked into getting a loan and worried a lot by myself. Then, one day, I suddenly found a large amount of money deposited into my account under Sunmi’s name.”

She went on, “[Sunmi] said that although she couldn’t buy me a home, she wanted to help me and told me not to feel burdened [by her help]. I bawled my eyes out wondering if I’d ever be able to meet a person like her again.”

Watching the interview from the studio, Sunmi said, “I accidentally heard my manager on the phone, so I knew that she was in a difficult situation.” She added, “I don’t intend to receive the money back.”

When the cast members praised Sunmi for her generosity, she shyly replied, “I told her to just book me another ad.”

“Omniscient” airs on Saturdays at 11:05 p.m. KST.

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