Girl group Sunny Days makes a comeback as a seven-member group with their fourth digital single, “Meet a Girl Like You.”

The five-member group became seven with new members Bi Chen and Gyu Hee joining. Bi Chen won the top award at China’s preliminary round for last year’s K-Pop World Festival and won the grand prize at the final round in Korea. Gyu Hee joined Sunny Days after breaking through a competition rate of 80:1.

“Meet a Girl Like You” is produced by Hwang Geum Doo Hyun and Oh Hyun Ho, who previously worked with A Pink and Girl’s Day. The song has a strong rock and lyrical sound. 

Model/Actor Byun Hyo Sung features in the music video along with members Seo Youn and Gyu Hee. They portray the story of the songs’ lyrics, which is about the hurt and betrayal a woman feels when her boyfriend leaves her for another woman.