Sunye has spoken out about the controversy surrounding her comeback to the entertainment industry and third pregnancy.

In January, Sunye appeared on JTBC’s “Stranger” where she gave viewers a glimpse of her married life in Canada. She then signed an exclusive contract with Polaris Entertainment in August and appeared on “The King of Mask Singer.”

Shortly after, Sunye announced that she was pregnant with her third child and shared her thoughts on her pregnancy and future career plans.

On September 23, Sunye posted a statement on her Instagram account about the controversy about her comeback and pregnancy.

The statement is as follows:

“There is a time to be silent and a time to speak out. I carefully opened this account to communicate with the grateful people who support me. I’m going to write a few words because I’m sad that it’s now turning into an uncomfortable battlefield.

“The most controversial issue is that problematic article that said that I don’t have any plans to return to the entertainment industry. A reporter from the U.S. JoongAng Ilbo must’ve come to the Haiti support concert at the Calvary Korean United Methodist Church in New Jersey a couple years ago.

“At the time, I was upset that something I hadn’t said was published as the headline for an article, but I just let it go. Currently, it’s become a big controversy due to that false report, so I think it’ll be better for me to tell you the truth.

“The ’emptiness’ that I spoke of was that I achieved what I had long dreamt of, but I didn’t feel the happiness or satisfaction that I expected.

“I hope you’ll understand it as a similar feeling to when you study hard in elementary, middle, and high school to go to college, but don’t feel that satisfaction once you enter college.

“These words were written as if my precious time as Wonder Girls all felt empty and useless, and because of that, I won’t return to the entertainment industry. My words were misconstrued due to the title of this hugely false report. I hope there won’t be any misunderstandings.

“My time as Wonder Girls was more valuable than any other time and a grateful time that I won’t ever forget. I know that the people who love me are hurting more than I am and fighting for me under these hurtful comments. It gives me lots of comfort and strength that you’re going through this with me.

“However, I hope that you guys will no longer spend your precious time and energy. I’m accepting all of this naturally. I know that life doesn’t just give me what I want and that it doesn’t always turn out according to my intentions, so I know that this is a time that I need to endure well.

“But I want to thank you for being with me once again. Polaris Entertainment knew about my pregnancy and my restrictive situation, but still approached me saying that we should work on things together carefully and slowly.

“It’s true that there currently aren’t any specific plans, but if the opportunity arises and presents itself, I have small hope of wanting to let you guys hear good music.

“I’m no longer a teen idol who has to care about her image, so I feel freer. I don’t know when that will be, but I’m waiting for the right time.

“Like the songs that I selected on ‘The King of Mask Singer,’ I just want to give you music that will give you a little comfort in your difficult life.

“I’m not trying to do something great. If I’m given the chance with my small talent of singing, I want to carefully give you some hope like a cool breeze.

“At the time of my marriage, it was very different how things were viewed from the outside and the inside, but I didn’t give a long explanation. I didn’t think that it was a good time.

“If the people who are disappointed in me and writing malicious comments right now want to hear from me that I’m sorry, then I want to apologize and say that I’m respectfully sorry.

“I hope you’ll find the answer for why you were born, why you need to live, what happens when you die, and sincerely hope that you’ll live a ‘happy’ life.”

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