Contestant Lee Eun Ji from tvN’s “Super Diva 2012”, shocked judges when she told her story of how in the past, when she was working as a singer in the entertainment industry, a music industry professional propositioned her to perform sexual favors.

Lee Eun Ji, a recording artist 14 years ago who also released an album, revealed the shocking news on the April 13 episode. Lee Eun Ji sang Rinae’s “Words Without a Goodbye,” and received an average score of 93.25 from the judges.

Fourteen years ago, when she first signed a contract with an entertainment company, the CEO of that company asked for sexual favors from the singer. Upon hearing of her horrific experience, writer-producer Joo Young Hoon became angry and asked her for the name of the CEO. Upon hearing the CEO’s name, the panel of judges looked visibly upset and shaken by what Lee Eun Ji had to go through.

The judges commented that she had potential as a singer and she was able to advance to the next round.

Take a look at the video here:

“Super Diva 2012” contestant admits she was asked for sex by agency CEO