Ever since Super Junior debuted in 2005, Donghae has maintained his timeless visuals, becoming even more handsome with age.

As such, Singles magazine asked him if there were any junior idols which he recently thought were handsome as well. There were three that came to Donghae’s mind.

super junior donghae 2

The first person he thought of at the mention of being handsome was ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo. Donghae explained that the idol is “the most popular among his friends lately.

astro cha eunwoo
Cha Eunwoo

When it came to his own personal taste, there were two idols that Donghae was fond of. Both of them happened to be his SM Entertainment juniors.

The first was the member of NCT 127 that always tops rankings for his visuals. It was the multi-talented Jaehyun. There was another NCT member that caught Donghae’s eye.

nct 127 jaehyun _jeongjaehyun ig
Jaehyun | _jeongjaehyun/Instagram

The second idol who suited Donghae’s personal taste was NCT Dream‘s Jeno. The reason Jaehyun and Jeno caught his attention most was their clean-cut actor looks.

nct dream jeno

Since Donghae has taken on a few acting roles and maintains a simple look, it makes sense these three would be the most noteworthy to him. After all, every one of these idols is popular for their visuals.

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