Super Junior Eunhyuk‘s lovely older sister has made a surprise appearance on a recent airing of “Barefoot Friends” to cheer for her brother as he competes in the national diving competition. 

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In the final episode of the long running diving special, the members from Barefoot Friends are seen competing in the The National Diving Masters event. This is the event that the members have been preparing themselves for over the last couple weeks and one of those members competing is Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. As a show of support we find out that his older sister and mother has come out to spectate and cheer him on. 

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Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you want to view it) Eunhyuk is the first one to step up to the board. As he waits at the bottom of the diving tower the camera shifts over to show his mother and his older sister, holding a large poster that says “Eunhyuk, we love you.” As Eunhyuk steps onto the board we see her sister saying that she is “nervous,” sharing the sentiment with Eunhyuk, who at this point looks like he much rather be anywhere else besides on the 3m board. 

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Happily thanks to everyone support, Eunhyuk successfully completes his 3m dive without any issues but unfortunately is deducted points for the shape of his foot, scoring 23 points out of a maximum of 30 points. Luckily thou his 2nd attempt goes off much better and his forward dive earns him a point score of 29.4. He then finally steps up to do his 3rd and final dive, the difficult somersaults dive.

일요일이좋다 - 맨발의 친구들.E15.130728.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_snapshot_00.22.05_[2013.07.30_00.04.42]

He successfully completes his one and a half turn somersault dive in front of everyone with his efforts being rewarded with the highest score at that point with 33.75 points thus completing his 3m dive session. He then comes back to the athlete stand and is seen crying for presumably both joy and the feeling of accomplishment. He eventually comes 14th in the 3m dive with a total point score of 86.15 with 1st place going to an American diver with 180.50 points.