Super Junior, who debuted on November 6, 2005, recently dropped their 10th full-length studio album, The Renaissance. With now over 15 years in the industry, this group continues to be highly successful, with this album already making hundreds of thousands of sales!

Super Junior’s Heechul

Over the years, their group has gone through many changes, with some members leaving or going on hiatus for various reasons. Through all of this, however, the group continued to promote themselves and have millions of fans around the world that love them!

Super Junior’s Donghae

In celebration of Super Junior’s ongoing success, here are the line distributions for 21 of the group’s most popular hits since their debut!

1. “U”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T210133.374

2. “Sorry, Sorry”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T205952.914

3. “It’s You”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T210636.080

4. “Bonamana”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T211148.203

5. “No Other”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T211450.757

6. “Mr. Simple”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T211748.851

7. “Sexy, Free & Single”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T212143.944

8. “Spy”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T212431.147

9. “Mamacita”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T212803.322

10. “This Is Love”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T213118.390

11. “Evanesce”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T213531.850

12. “Devil”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T213920.311

13. “Magic”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T214306.150

14. “One More Chance”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T214859.180

15. “Black Suit”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T215335.366

16. “Lo Siento”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T220131.755

17. “Super Clap”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T221511.556

18. “I Think I”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T222810.660

19. “2YA2YAO!”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T223324.578

20. “The Melody”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T223517.023

21. “House Party”

meta-chart - 2021-03-16T223659.210