Choi Siwon might have never been a part of Super Junior.

On Tuesday, the popular star revealed on the KBS2 celebrity talk show, “Win Win”, that he never thought about becoming a singer. “It was not my dream to be a singer,” he said. “I just had the dream that I wanted to make my name known quickly and becoming a celebrity was the fastest way to do that, so I went to an entertainment agency.”

Thankfully, Siwon made the right choice and became a singer: Super Junior is currently one of the most recognized and successful K-Pop groups in Asia. At the same time, he was also able to achieve his dream of making his name known quickly.

In addition to being a singer, Siwon is also an actor. When asked by the host of “Win Win” whether or not he was fearful of becoming an actor without any preparation, he replied, “It is very scary, but if you don’t take on a challenge because you are scared, what can you achieve in life?”

Siwon has starred in several moderately successful dramas such as “Spring Waltz” and the more recent “Oh! My Lady” with Chae Rim, for which he received favorable reviews for his acting.

Source: Asiae