After a long time of absence of a year and two months, Super Junior members made their comeback on August 5th through KBS’ Music Bank and performed two songs, Mr. Simple which is the main title song of their full length 5th album and SUPERMAN. After they performed their explosive comeback stage, the members expressed very honestly that they actually care about rankings on album and music charts.

While they were on the waiting room, Kim Heechul said: “After a long absence from music shows, we feel like we have grown up so much! and in fact, we are the oldest amongst the group of performers from today’s show. The other artists are so young and also they were continuously coming to our waiting room to give us their greetings and it made us feel like time passes by so fast, the memories of the past are still in my mind”.

He also made an amusing comment about not performing together with girls groups, he said: “There has been a lot of really good girls groups lately. I was really looking forward to attend a music show but when our comeback time finally came, there weren’t many girls groups promoting. It’s a shame, there are more male groups now”.

On the other hand, Leeteuk commented: “We feel really happy to be able to meet our fans again after a long time. We feel that they care and support us more than before and it feels good, we feel really happy even when we stand back again on stage”.

Up to this date, their Mr. Simple album has officially sold more than 100,000 copies and is still ranking No. 1 on Hanteo chart. Super Junior members must be feeling really happy with the ranking of their album!.

Credit: superjuniorelf and mysj_malaysia for the pic