On August 11th, Super Junior released a behind the scene video of their “Mr. Simple” music video filming site. The video contains brief interviews by the members and candid footage of the group filming their latest MV.

The group’s leader, Lee Teuk, appears at the 0:56 mark to introduce the place as “the title MV filming set of Super Junior’s fifth album.” Followed by the group’s dancing scene, Eunhyuk talks about the concept of their MV, saying, “As you can see, the fashion concept is to use colorful and vivid styles. If Super Junior’s style so far was more modern or less colorful, this time we wanted to become more colorful and unique than the past.”

Lee Teuk later wraps up the interview by saying, “Super Junior is back with the fifth album. We’ve worked really hard to come up with a new image, so we hope you will have fun with us.” Donghae also makes a brief appearance with the comment, “I’m leaving!”

Here’s the full video of Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple- Making the Film.” Enjoy!