Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education conducted a K-Pop survey on 524 foreigners in South Korea from March 26 until March 31. On the topic of “Which celebrity would be the best Korean language teacher?” Super Junior was voted first with 22.1% of the votes, followed by TVXQ (14%), Girls Generation (12.5%) and Big Bang (9.6%). For “Most Desirable Celebrity Tour Guide” category, 37.7% of the participants voted for Girls Generation. Super Junior (20.2%), 2PM (10.2%), and Big Bang (8.6%) were also ranked at the top 4. 

The survey also asked, “Which media outlet exposed you to K-Pop?” Most participants answered that they first came in contact with K-Pop and Korean culture via YouTube (24.1%), followed by local media (23.3%), Korean broadcasting (17%), and Facebook (10.5%). 58% of these participants stated that they have become more interested in Korea in general once they became familiar with K-Pop. 

524 foreigners who participated in this survey are from 65 different countries including, USA, UK, France, China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Uganda, Angola, and so on. Dean Kim Joon Sup from Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education commented, “This survey allowed us to learn how foreigners actually think about the K-Pop hype that has been going on all over the world recently. It appears that foreigner’s love and passion for K-Pop leads to interest and understanding of Korea and Korean language in general.” 

Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education is hosting 15th annual “Global Foreigner Korean Speaking Contest” on May 17, on the topic of K-Pop. They are expecting many foreign students at Kyung Hee University as well as other foreigners residing in Korea to participate in this event.