UPDATE: another teaser picture released. Teaser video to be released on May 7.

Super Junior will return as a group May 13th with a brand new 4th album. For this full length album, only 10 out of the 13 original members will participate.

Direct from SM Entertainment, “Excluding Kangin who is planning to get enlisted in the army, Kibum who is currently focusing on his acting career, and Hangeng who is in the middle of a lawsuit, ten members of Super Junior have participated in this production. Only those ten members will be joining the activities for the album as well.”

Super Junior stated that they wish Kangin well in his upcoming military duties and expressed similar wishes for Kibum in his acting career. Of Hangeng they said, “We are in a situation where we can not contact him but we hope he can join us soon.”

Kangin will enlist in the army and is scheduled to enter as a soldier by the end of October. In his message posted on Camomile he mentioned, “The army… where as a Korean man you have to go once in your life… I was wondering when I should go and now I think it’s time for me to do so.” He gave supportive comments to his fellow Super Junior members and encouraged others to do the same, but left a ray of hope at the end of his message, “I’ll be back.”

The current ten members of Super Junior have been keeping themselves pretty busy despite that their fourth album is on the cusp of the horizon. Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Heechul have their own radio shows. Leeteuk and Eunhyuk have been hosting Kiss The Radio for the past three years, and Shindong is the co-host of a late night talk show, Shindong and Kim Shinyeong’s Shimshimtapa. Heechul hosts Youngstreet and to add to his busy schedule, he has recently been cast as a regular on the hit series Family Outing 2. Yesung and Sung Min are cast members in the musical Hong Gil Dong. Siwon has also been busy with acting activities and is currently starring in the drama Oh! My Lady. As a group, they recently had concerts in the Philippines and Malaysia.

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