Super Junior M comes back to release their first mini-album, Super Girl, which contains the five tracks: “Super Girl”, “到了明天” (Blue Tomorrow), “告白” (Confession), “愛情接力” (You and Me), and “動情” (Only U). The handsome seven-member group appears in front of the camera again to share their experiences in preparing this album.

SJ-M wears dashing suits to show their mature and attractive side. Their deep relationship can be seen as they arrange themselves neatly and always give support to each other. During the interview, not only did they sing happy birthday to Donghae, whose birthday is nearing, and Ryeowook, who just had his birthday, they also sang “Blue Tomorrow” for us.

The Super Girl in Super Man’s heart

Q: How long did this album take to finish?

Zhou Mi
: From selecting songs to the end of recording, it took
about three months. We actually began preparing this album since April of
this year. I think we finished the album at the end of August.

Hangeng: All our songs, recording, and the filming of the MV were done in Korea.

Q: You guys have been going back
and forth between Korea and China, so has everyone been spending a lot
of time and effort in learning the languages? As in do members from
China have to learn Korean and do Korean members have to learn Chinese?

: Before, regardless of where we were, we always used
Korean, but now, Zhou Mi, Henry and I have decided that when we’re in
China, we will try to use Chinese more. We have been able to
communicate with each other quite well so far, but it’s still a little
tough when it comes to interviews.

Q: Between the Korean members, whose Chinese is the best?

: Everyone has their area of strength. For example, Siwon
can hear and understand Chinese better. Kyuhyun sings Chinese very well
and spends the least amount of effort in recording our songs. Donghae
learns Chinese phrases the quickest, like how he would say to his fans,
“My beloved precious, I miss you! Do you miss me?” He learned this phrase the quickest!

Zhou Mi: Ryeowook’s pronunciation is very good. One time,
without any help from a Chinese instructor, he recorded a song for me
to hear. When I heard it, I felt that his pronunciations were dead on.

Hangeng: He listens better than the rest because he has learned
a bit from before, so he’s a little stronger in hearing and speaking
than the others. However, sometimes he can’t get rid of some of the bad
habits he learned from before. He has trouble correcting it.

Q: Your latest album is “Super Girl”, so what is the perfect girl in your heart? What are your criteria? Hangeng, you should go first. Many people, including your mom, are very interested in your answer.

: My mom is a little anxious, but I’m not. (laughter) I
have three criteria in choosing a girlfriend: 1) She has to be kind and
understanding, 2) She has to be considerate, have trust in me, and 3)
She needs to be filial.

Zhou Mi: To all of us, the first and foremost criterion
is that she has to be kindhearted, and if she is also pretty, then
that’ll be perfect.

Kyuhyun: I like girls with a pretty forehead and long legs. My
ideal Super Girl is my fans. (What if your fans are guys?) Super Boy!
Super Man! (giggle)

Siwon: We need to help out with each other, and also be filial.
Of course, I can’t say that appearance doesn’t matter, but it is not
the most important.

Henry: My Super Girl is my mom because my mom is the most
important woman in my life. In regards to finding a girlfriend, I’m
still young, so I haven’t considered it and I haven’t met that special
someone yet.

Donghae: I think my Super Girl would be someone that likes computers. (Hangeng comments that Donghae loves his laptop the most.)

Q: We heard that Donghae hates to be alone, especially when eating dinner. Is this true?

: Yes, I hate to be alone.

Q: Then your Super Girl must be a girl who would accompany you for dinner and not let you be alone.

: (sweating from nervousness) You! (Pointing at reporter.)

Temperamental boys’ unforgettable moments

Q: Out of all the songs in your mini album, which is your favorite?

: I like “Blue Tomorrow”. I think that the lyrics are very well written, and the music arrangement is very soothing.

Q: The lyrics are very intriguing. It writes about that feeling of separation very well.

: Yes, it creates pictures in your mind and makes me
think back to some of my past memories. Regardless of whom, whether
it’s someone I’ve encountered before, in movies, dramas, or a voice
that I’ve listened to, they all appear in my mind again. When you read
the lyrics again, it would make you think of a beautiful picture in
your mind.

Q: Some things will pass and you would only cherish them after thinking back. Can you share an unforgettable moment with us?

: I’ve had some unforgettable moments with my friends or
even when I broke up with my girlfriend, but the most unforgettable
moment was when my father had passed away.

Zhou Mi: I don’t have much experience in love, but I always keep
people around me in mind. When I write song lyrics, I would appreciate
their affection to me. When I wrote the track, “愛情接力” (You and Me), I
used the love story of my friend. They had a long distance relationship
where one was abroad and one was in Beijing, but they loved each other
very much. Thus, in the lyrics, I wrote, “The distance of love makes
our hearts even closer. Let our love write the theme song to our love.”
I hope that my lyrics can be a souvenir to their love story.

Hangeng: My most unforgettable moment was my
graduation-exhibition performance. I entered the dancing school at age thirteen. I practiced dancing with my classmates, went to class with them,
and we spent six years together like real siblings. On the night of
graduation, we all knew that it meant separation, so everyone performed
their best at the exhibition. Furthermore, my mom was also there and it
was her first time watching me perform. She cried, and that made me
very emotional. It was very unforgettable.

Zhou Mi: Hangeng cherishes his friendships a lot. Regardless of
where we are performing, he often has some friends and classmates
coming to visit. For example, it was already 2 am when we finished
recording for a show yesterday, yet he still had a friend from Changsha
who came to see him. I overheard them while I was surfing the internet.
They chatted about the dreams they had in the past. I wasn’t
eavesdropping on purpose!

Q: Aren’t we all like that? We
always wish to grow up when we were little, pondering about the future.
Once you’ve been through some places or experiences, you would think
back to your past.

Hangeng: Just like when Zhou Mi and I perform at schools. We
would miss going to school. The year 1999 is very meaningful to me. In
that year, I performed outside of my country for the first time. It was
also the first time I participated in National Traditional Games of
Ethnic Minorities. People of our class won gold, silver, and bronze
medals and we performed at the exhibition of Macao’s return. The last
bit is the most important. We represented the minorities and performed
at the 50th national anniversary’s military parade. Although it was
touch, it was a wonderful experience.

Henry: Because my family is all in Canada, I can only see them
once a year. Last year, I got to see them once and it was only for two
days, so I miss them very much.

Q: What do you do when you miss your mom? Would you cry or whine?

: I wouldn’t cry, but sometimes, I would call to chat with her. But whenever I call, they would say, “Long distance fees are expensive. It’s too expensive, goodbye!” (laugh)

Ryeowook: My most unforgettable moment was during our
promotional activities last year. We met many friends in China and also
got to meet many fans in China. This is the most unforgettable thing
for me right now. I hope that this year would be like that as well.

Q: Ryeowook’s words sound just like SJ-M’s love confession to the fans.

: Yes. I think that the best present and the best way to
repay or fans are to give them our best performance and our best works.
Therefore, whether it is our albums or mini albums, we will always
prepare well and hope to present something different every time. We
have many different styles I our album this time. We have fast dance
songs and slow love songs. Furthermore, our dance steps are easy to
learn, where we’ve designed a special main move. (As per reporter’s
request, SJ-M sang “Blue Tomorrow”.)

Pretty Boys’ sincere confessions

Q: Speaking of love confessions,
there’s a track on your album called, “告白” (Confession). The lyrics
were written by Zhou Mi and it’s about ways of confessing love. What
was your first love confessions like? Let’s start with Zhou Mi…

Zhou Mi: Actually, the lyrics I write are very different from
how I really am because I usually write the things I want to do but
don’t dare to accomplish in my lyrics. When I was in elementary school,
I had a crush on a girl. I would secretly give her presents each day,
like giving her an eraser a day, but I never dared to tell her it was
me. Even now, if there’s a girl that I like, I would buy her presents.
If I can sense that she likes me too, then I would confess my love.

Hangeng: I still laugh when I think back on my first time
confessing my love. It’s because it was my first time, I felt very
embarrassed, so I got two friends to come with me. In the end, I made
the girl feel very embarrassed as well! So it ended with a rejection.

Siwon: In regards to confessions, many people would confess to
their girlfriends when they’re dating. But one of my most unforgettable
confessions were to my parents. Before I debut, I had never expressed
my love towards my parents. After my first stage performance, I said to
my mom, “Mom, I love you!”

Hangeng: It’s about the same for me. I never expressed my love
to them before either. After my first performance, I was really in
tears when I said those words to my mom. But now, I can say those words
very comfortably to her.

Donghae: When I was in sixth grade, I had a big crush on a girl, and
it was the first time that I had confessed my love. If you don’t have
the courage, you won’t be able to get pretty girls. (Hangeng
interrupted: He is very romantic. For example, he would ride a bike,
carrying his girlfriend, to the seaside.)

Ryeowook: My confessions have always happened during fights or
after misunderstandings. I would make some good dishes and then while
we eat, I would then apologize.

Kyuhyun: I failed on my first love confession. I had a crush on
a girl in high school. I happened to be performing that day, so I
secretly brought a rose. After the performance was over, I gave her the
rose, but I was rejected in the end.

Zhou Mi: I remember the first time I confessed my love. I was
like a boy who had just fallen in love. I was so nervous and my heart
was pounding hard.

Credit: cpopaccess
Source: SINA

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