Choi Si Won, well known as the “face” of Super Junior, has revealed his ideal type of girl.

On October 28, he made a guest appearance on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” where the reporter asked him what he looks for in a girl. He responded, “I think that a girl with beautiful eyes is more truthful. That’s why I like a girl with beautiful eyes.” He went on, “And from the back, I wish she would have a beautiful neckline.”

On this day, he also shared that the Super Junior members are making more of an effort to hang out as a group because Lee Teuk is leaving on October 30 to the military. He lightened the atmosphere by saying, “The hyungs in the group haven’t really bought or treated us to something big. I think that the person who picks up the tab is the hyung.”

Soompiers, it’s normal in Korean culture that the older person picks up the tab. Times are changing and more people pay separately in the mainland, but it’s rare that a younger person pays for the older person. Why do you think younger paying for an older is a weird concept?