Super Junior‘s Donghae recently tweeted fans, “Hello everyone! I’m with veteran actor and beloved teacher, Park Geun Hyung! Please show our ‘GQ’ pictorial some love!”

He  also shared a photo of the pair forming hearts above their heads as if to charm fans with their sincere request. The photo especially interest because of Park Geun Hyung’s warm and pleasant expression that was rarely ever caught on film in his more serious and austere roles. 

After viewing the tweets netizens remarked, “Park Geun Hyung resembles a grandfather you would adore” and “You two appear to be close!”

The pair gained much public interest and love earlier this year for their roles in cable station channel A’s drama, “Miss Panda and Hedgehog,” which is a romantic comedy about a couple whose personalities can best be described in metaphor as panda-like or hedgehog-like.