Super Junior’s Eunhyuk wrote a new chapter in airport fashion history.

Eunhyuk arrived at the Incheon International Airport on April 30 dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. The reason he had to do this was because of failing a mission during a concert. After finishing an Indonesian concert, it is being said that Eunhyuk happily went through with his punishment.

On April 27-29, Super Junior held their “Super Show 4” concert at the Mata Elang international stadium in Jakarta. The concert had 25,000 viewers. It was Super Junior’s first concert in Indonesia.

On April 7, offline ticket reservations were being held and because the fans had all rushed into the ticket booth, some fans fainted. Super Junior decided to add one more concert day, that is why the concert was held for three days.

Now, Super Junior will continue on with their world tour in the Tokyo Dome from May 12-13.