Super Junior’s Heechul revealed a picture of himself looking ghastly and gaunt.

Heechul wrote on his twitter on August 4th, “An overdone diet gives gaunt and a face that is ghastly. Everything should be done in moderation.”

In the picture Heechul is all dressed in black, however his face which looks pale is giving worry to many fans.

Netizens have commented, “Oppa you don’t have any weight to lose,” “I hope you don’t get sick,” “Oppa I always like seeing you try so hard~,” “Super Junior Fighting!”

On August 3rd, Heechul had written on his twitter account, “Super Junior will have a return performance this week and I only lost ten pounds (five kilograms). My original goal was to lose twenty pounds (10 kilograms) but I guess I need to run more and be stricter on my diet. After eating some food that the manager bought, I ran up and down 50 floors three times.

After he posted it, his fans started replying him back, comments such as: “That means I have to go up 1,106 floors 710 times.” “I’m definitely excited for your return stage” “That means you’ll go on a tofu diet again?

The last comment referres to a time, back in 2009 when he lost 16 pounds (8 kilograms) in just two weeks for a photoshoot on December issue for Nylon magazine, by eating just tofu.

Super Junior will have their first comeback performance on KBS’ “Music Bank” tonight on August 5th!