Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul posted a proof shot of Leeteuk’s phone screen on his Twitter after Leeteuk revealed his real phone number via his Twitter earlier today.

Today, Kim Heechul, envious of Leeteuk tweeted along with a screenshot of Leeteuk’s phone screen, “It’s Kim Heechul. Leeteuk’s phone. He revealed his real phone number on April Fools’ Day. His phone broke down. As expected, from Leeteuk, he is skilled. He went as far as coming up with an event for April Fools’ Day. I can’t possibly win this. What should I do.”

As we previously reported, Super Junior Leeteuk gave away his real phone number via his twitter. As a result, his phone broke down because of the massive amount of calls and messages he got from fans from all over the world. The shared picture shows Leeteuk’s received calls and messages.

What do you think of Leeteuk’s April Fools’ Day special event?