Super Junior’s Heechul announced today that he will enlist in Korean military on September 1st. The multi-talented pop star will report to the Nohn San Training Facility on September 1st and go through a four week basic training process, before serving the mandatory 23-month service as a public service employee.

“We could have delayed his enlistment but Heechul was adamant about joining the army in September,” an official from SM Entertainment told local media.

Since Super Junior and Heechul enjoy enormous popularity and influence across the industry, fans and the press are paying massive attention to today’s somewhat unexpected announcement.  However, it was reported Heechul wants to enlist quietly without the media hoopla, and thus, there won’t be any special ceremony or event for his enlistment. Instead, just like when Kang In enlisted, all the Super Junior members are expected to be present at Nohn San to send Heechul off.

Park Jung Kyu, the lead producer of MBC “Golden Fishery: Radio Star,” also confirmed Heechul’s enlistment in September. “Heechul will withdraw from ‘Radio Star’ due to his military service. Heechul has created great chemistry with the other hosts, and as a young MC, made the overall show feel younger. It’s sad but we’ll do our best till his last episode,” the producer said.

Heechul has been one of the main MCs of “Radio Star” since last December. He filmed the 200th episode special show on August 17th and is also scheduled to film on August 24th. His successor has not been decided at this point.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is expected to release the “B Version” of their fifth regular album, “Mr. Simple,” which includes new single “SUPERMAN,” on August 22nd.