As we reported earlier, Kang In was discharged from his military service today on April 16. The big question is whether he will return to Super Junior. SM Entertainment represetntaives stated, “The Super Junior members have become closer than ever. Whenever Kang In came out for vacation, he met with the members at their dorm and spent time together to straighten out any misunderstandings.”

However, another representative also stated, “There are no specific plans regarding Kang In. Currently Super Junior has no new plans for an album and we can’t divulge any specifics about Kang In’s activities. He will prepare to return to activities with his fellow members.”

As Kang In was discharged he stated, “Because there were people that waited for me and remembered me, I was able to persist even when there was pain. I want to be loved for my more mature side rather than for my weakness and imperfections.”

Nearly 250 fans were on the scene for Kang In’s military discharge. They arrived with flyers that read, “Young Woon you have finally returned,” “We waited well right?” and “Now let us stay together forever.”  

Kang In was involved in a number of controversial incidents in 2009. All the negative press led him to enlist in the army in July, 2010.