Kangin, the embattled Super Junior member that joined the Korean Army last July, has appeared on Korean media for the first time since enlistment at the recovery efforts for Seoul’s flooded area last week.


Kangin’s army division was ordered to join the recovery efforts from July 28th to August 2nd after Seoul’s downtown area was hit by a massive flood. More than 400 troops were committed to the operations as they worked night and day, including weekends, to dig out mud and drain the land dry.


It was reported Kangin led the troops by example, voluntarily cleaning out the dirty parts of the area and showing no hesitation in carrying out difficult work. “Kangin is older than other soldiers, so in a lot of cases, other soldiers could feel uncomfortable working with him. However, he usually approaches others first and makes them feel easy to work with, creating good camaraderie,” an Army official was quoted as saying.


Kangin joined the Korean Army in July 2010 following an array of scandals that tainted his public image. In 2009, he was arrested for involvement in a fight at a bar in Seoul, and the next year, he was arrested for a hit-and-run accident that occurred while driving under the influence. He was excluded from Super Junior’s fifth album promotions.

Here’s a video of Kangin’s interview, starting from 0:43. Hope to see him back soon!