The world has missed the deep and mature voice of the twenty five year-old Super Junior member and actor Kim Ki Bum.

Kim Ki Bum has been on hiatus from music for over a year or so now as he had been pursuing his acting career.  It has been so long, only being seen through his acting as he now makes his comeback through the pages of fashion magazine “SURE”.  During the photo-shoot for September’s issue Ki Bum exuded a colorful charm without hesitation as he displayed his refined and mature image.

In the photos Ki Bum possesed the looks of an Adonis mixed with an adult voice.  He appeared more suave and mature as he easily removed the image of a boy-band idol.  He donned trendy suits and a very chic hairstyle, while he posed for the camera with a strong, serious, sense of professionalism.

Kim Ki Bum originally got his start as an actor.  So it is no surprise that he has been taking time to get back to his roots.  Lately he has been working on his role for the upcoming historical drama, “Deep-rooted Tree”, which follows the mysterious case of serial killings which take place seven-days before the Korean scripts official announcement.  Ki Bum acts alongside lead actors Jang Hyuk and Han Suk Gyu.  The screenplay was written by Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon.

For more, check out the upcoming release of “SURE” in which Kim Ki Bum sits down for an exclusive interview where he shares about his passion for acting along with his whereabouts all in the September issue of the magazine.

Source: Nate