Super Junior’s Kyuhyun already has many female fans swooning over his smooth voice and now there will be even more fans swooning because of his cooking skills.

On July 4, he made an appearance on KBS’s variety talk show “Happy Together 3” for the “What’s your name?” special featuring idol guests.

Chef Kyuhyun shared his recipe in the show’s cooking corner competing for the first place with 4minute’s HyunA. He explained, “This is a recipe that any guy can create.” HyunA added, “Girls would be really happy if a guy would cook for them.”

He first heats the pan and puts in some oil. After the desired heat, he flattens the mashed sweet potato in the frying pan. Next, he spreads alfredo sauce. Then, he puts red and green bell peppers, corn, and olives. He commented that it was important to include pineapple slices and camembert cheese on top. He finishes with mozzarella cheese and voila! Just wait for the cheese to melt.

Soompiers, have you tried out the recipe? Post some pictures and show us!

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