On the 26th, Super Junior member Leeteuk tweeted, “I am now shaving out my hair but a song comes to my mind. The song that I sung so many times when I was young, ‘Shave that bald head.’ I only look good when I have hair but that’s out of the window now. Hahaha.”

Leeteuk will join the army on October 30,  and it seems like the singer is doing his best to change this seemingly gloomy ambiance with his tweet.

For the netizens who saw his tweet, they commented, “Leeteuk is still so funny,” “Short-haired, Leeteuk,” “I can’t imagine it,” and “Come back safe and healthy!”

Leeteuk will enter the military camp located in the 306 draft center located in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province. After 5 weeks of basic training, he will act as an active-duty soldier for 21 months.