Super Junior’s Leeteuk showed his respect for Shinhwa through a special message. On March 23, Leeteuk tweeted, “Shinhwa hyungnim!^^ You guys are so awesome! We’ll do our best to love and care for each other, too! Be nervous! Super Junior is catching up to you guys!^^”

Shinhwa is the longest-running idol group in K-Pop with a 14 year history. Since their debut in 1998, Shinhwa has released countless hit singles, including “T.O.P.,” “Chaos,” and “Hey! Come On,” under SM Entertainment. They worked under the same label as Super Junior until 2003, when Shinhwa’s contract expired and signed with a new management agency.

Super Junior is also one of the older idol groups now, with over five years of experience together. Will Super Junior ever be able to break Shinhwa’s record?