Super Junior’s members Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Yesung and Donghae suffered several injuries during the 4 hour recording for Dream Team Season 2 on August 21st. Donghae fell into the water and stayed in there for a while, when he tried to climb up back to the floor, he called the staff to help him out, then they all realized he had suffered an injury on his knee and had a sprained ankle.

Eunhyuk had a couple of bruises on his arm, not so serious though, but it required medical attention backstage while Sungmin had his wrist hurt and required acupuncture. Both got pain relievers in their arms and Donghae had his knee and ankle bandaged.

When Yesung had his turn to challenge, he fell from one of the platforms (which had been repaired twice) to the safety foam and at that time no one knew he was seriously injured. The staff took him to the tend backstage and laid him down on a table because the doctor didn’t allow him to sit. He actually had injured his waist and leg. He was treated for about 45 minutes and then he and the other Super Junior members went back to the set to finish their recording. Very brave from them! They all had injuries but continued recording.

After the recording was done, Yesung and Donghae went into the van with their manager and Yesung was taken to the hospital where it has been revealed that he actually injured his spine but he is feeling better now. We hope that they all feel better soon.

The episode for this season 2 will be broadcasted on September 4th and 18th.

Source: Sgsjelfs