On August 2nd, through various different music websites such as Melon, Doshirak, Bugs, and Naver Super Junior will reveal all songs on their fifth official album “Mr. Simple.

The title song “Mr. Simple” is supposed to be about people living nowadays and working without any rest and losing dreams, love, and feelings of contentment. The performance for the song will feature Super Junior’s signature style of dancing that is energetic, passionate, and well-choreographed.

Another song, which is “Good Friends” is written by Yoon Jong Shin. The lyrics talk about Super Junior meeting for the first time and also their friendship.

Also, another song “Opera” is a reverse beat dance track. The song contains witty lyrics. Another track, “Walkin” is a pop-dance song which features lyrics about Super Junior and their always having a positive mind in front of hardships. This song is a mixed with trendy beats and a classy melody.

Y” is a song written by member Donghae and contains lyrics about missing a lover after breaking up. This song is a R&B track and allows us to see Donghae’s upgraded musical talents.

Odd Imagination” is a remake of JINU’s 1996 hit song which will feature Super Junior’s own color and style. The lyrics are odd, in that the protagonist wishes for a white Christmas in summer. The song will have an upbeat rock sound.
(On the bottom of the article is a link to the original song.)

There are other songs on the album such as Super Junior – K.R.Y.’s R&B ballad, “My Love, My Kiss, My Heart,” “Following Memories” which is written by producer Park Joon Soo, the dance song “La La La La (Be My Girl)” which features witty lyrics and a catchy electronic sound, also the song “Feels Good” which is supposed to seem like watching a musical.

Also as a bonus track there is “Perfection,” which was the hit song by Super Junior – M. In total there are thirteen songs, and you will be able to see Super Junior’s various charms.

On August 1st, Super Junior’s official homepage, Facebook SM Town, Facebook Super Junior, and Youtube MCountdown Channel, there were two different “Mr. Simple” teaser clips that will be revealed.

You will be able to obtain “Mr. Simple” offline beginning from August 3rd.

Here is the original song for “Odd Imagination” which will be remade by Super Junior in this album:

Source: Nate