Super Junior held a press conference for their new album “Mr. Simple” on August 4th, marking their official comeback to Korea in 14 months.

Leetuek opened up by saying, “K-Pop’s center and leader, Super Junior is back. There were a lot of pressure too but through your growing love it turned into expectations.” The group’s leader added due to his age and mandatory military service he is yet to serve, Super Junior would like to promote this album for as long as possible. “We’re planning to run promotions for as long as possible with this album. But because of my military duty, this time we’re thinking of a world tour instead of an Asian tour,” he added.

Eunhyuk also said, “It is true we feel more pressure because it looks like expectations are higher than ever. But at the same time, we really look forward to it, and the team camaraderie is great, so I think we’ll have good chemistry promoting this album.”

Local media uses the word “pressure” a lot to describe Super Junior’s current situation. Their fourth regular album, “Bonamana,” has ranked #1 on Taiwan’s KKBOX music chart for 61 consecutive weeks so far, while sweeping through other countries’ music charts as well. Also, their third Asian tour concert, “Super Show 3,” sold out all 20 concerts that covered 13 different cities, including Seoul, Yokohama, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Due to their massive popularity in Asia, more than 190 reporters from 100 different media outlets came to cover the press conference. The media were not only from Korea but also from Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, proving the group’s global ticket power. SM Entertainment also broadcast the press conference live through its official YouTube and Facebook channels.

Super Junior’s new album contains 13 total tracks, ranking from pop, dance, ballad, and R&B, with songs written by prominent song writers such as Yoo Young Jin, Kenzie, Yoon Jong Shin, Hitchhiker, and Park Junsu. Their title track, “Mr. Simple,” is about the complicated and mixed feelings of today’s regular people, expressed in a witty and metaphorical way.

Shindong said, “All members brainstormed hard for the performance of this song. We also added a dance named after each member. For example, there will be a performance that only large groups are capable of pulling off.” Super Junior’s first live performance will be held on August 5th through KBS “Music Bank.” 

Leeteuk concluded by saying, “We’ll do our best 24/7, 365 days. We’ll continue to work hard with the heart of a national representative, and spread Korea’s outstanding culture around the world. We’d like to cover the whole world with pearl sapphire-colored balloons (Super Junior’s official color).”