Super Junior’s Shindong admitted for the first time to having done double eyelid surgery.

On August 22nd, Shindong linked on his me2day account an article titled, “Shindong, Double Eyelid Surgery? Or diet effects? His Changed Face Grabs Attention,” with the message, ”PUHAHAHA! Such heated responses! Thank you…Just as I expected, I did the right thing! It’s been a while, but thank you for showing so much interest. But I’m hearing I look better on stage and funnier on variety shows, so I feel more motivated with my diet and it just feels good!! Everyone thank you!”

Moments later, he left another message saying, “What…some people say they can’t tell the difference. But.. I did it intentionally and no can see the difference!! Was I supposed to do it thicker?? LOL Well, some say my eyes are about to pop out…there are opposing views T.T. Sorry…I already did it, so I can’t go back hehe. But the diet goes on~~Be nice to me~”

Rumors of Shindong’s apparent double eyelid surgery started surfacing after photos of him at Boom’s military discharge event spread online. His post-surgery eyes, due to heavy makeup, were not that apparent until today’s photos where Shindong was seen with light makeup on.

 After seeing the photos, netizens commented, “Of course Shindong! Only he can make this type of confession,” “Oppa, you look so much better now,” and “Daebak! Did not know it was true!”

What do you think of Shindong’s new look? Would you say he looks better now?