On March 1, Super Junior’s Shindong shared a humorous video of fellow member Leeteuk on his Twitter. Titled “Leeteuk missile,” the short but funny clip has amused fans. In the video, Leeteuk runs into a room and shrieks as a random missile hits him and blows him to smithereens. With his creative CG skills, Shindong made the video more realistic by adding flames and debris to Leeteuk’s perfectly timed reaction. In response, Leeteuk tweeted, “Director Shin, please let me work with you on your next project.” He followed that post with “2012’s Greatest and Most Talked about Production!! Megaton spectacle blockbuster – ‘The Missile.’”

Amused, netizens commented, “Is Leeteuk still alive?” “Leeteuk should start acting. His reactions were awesome,” “This is why you can’t help but love Super Junior,” “Who shot the missile?” and more.