Super Junior’s Shindong has started to keep an online diet journal through his me2day account. On August 9th, he publicized this diet journal on his Twitter page, saying, “Shindong’s diet journal will be posted every day on my me2day!!^^ I’ll give you updates on my weight change every day!!! Let’s all start it together!!^^”

In the online diet journal that began on August 8th, Shindong wrote, “From today, I’ll start a diet journal on me2day!!!” His first entry stated, “2011.8.8 7:35 PM (92.4 kg).” (203.7 lbs) In his second entry, however, that was posted on August 9th, he dropped one kg to 91.5 kg as the post said, “2011.8.9 12:59PM (91.5 kg).” (201.7 lbs)

In 2008, Shindong garnered a lot of interest after dropping a lot of weight and showing up with a drastically slimmer look. But shortly after, he gained back weight, returning to his normal figure.

But during last week’s press conference for their new track, “Mr. Simple,” Shindong revealed that he lost nearly 15 kg recently. He added his goal is to lose 30 kg (about 66 lbs), saying he’s lost additional two kilograms while filming for the group’s latest music video.