Fans got an unexpected surprise in the newest Super Junior album: a proposal from Shindong to his (apparently) longtime non-celebrity girlfriend.

In the “thanks to” section of the album, Shindong wrote a complicated code consisting of numbers and letters that was six lines long. Frantic netizens and fans worked to crack the code, and soon discovered that it read: “Nari, let’s get married, I’m proposing to you, I’ll love you forever.” The code looks like this:


An official at SM Entertainment officially confirmed the rumors, and stated that it was a romantic message from Shindong dedicated to his lover.

At 24, Shindong is known in the group for his humor and jolly personality. He is also one of the members of the group that has branched out into other areas of the entertainment industry, including appearing on variety shows and even hosting his own radio show.

The latest Super Junior album, titled “BONAMANA”, hit stores yesterday. The group is scheduled to appear on the KBS music show, Music Bank.


Source: Asiae