On April 2, Super Junior’s Shindong shared a hilarious photo of him with marker signs all over his face. It was yet another celebrity April Fools’ Day prank, as Shindong tweeted, “How was your April Fools’ Day? I just thought of the 2009 prank so I’m uploading this photo again. In fact, the double eyelid surgery from this picture became reality. I want that nose…any sponsors?”

In the photo, Shindong’s face is covered with drawings done to show which part of his facial feature needs procedure done. The large boxes on his forehead and chin are supposed to mean fillers, while his eyes have double eyelids drawn over them. His nose supposedly needs to get thinner and his cheeks are to get pushed up and tightened.

Netizens commented, “This picture made my day,” “I’m loving these April Fools’ Day pranks,” and “Shindong, you look fine buddy!”