It was revealed on the December 1 episode of JTBC’s “Perfect on Paper” that Super Junior’s Shindong has scarily accurate instincts when it came to celebrities’ love lives.

During the episode, MC Shin Dong Yup introduced Shindong and commented, “I heard you have the best instincts when it comes to idols’ love lives, and they avoid you because of that.”

Kim Heechul attested to Shindong’s instincts and recalled, “It’s to the extent that he knew even by watching people greet each other at music shows. One idol came up and greeted us, and Shindong said to me, ‘You have something with her, right?’ He said that it didn’t seem like she was simply greeting a senior.”

Lady Jane then asked, “Did they have something going on?” to which Shindong answered, “They weren’t just acquaintances. They were in contact with each other.” Shindong then revealed, “Lady Jane also got caught by me once,” and she admitted, “He’s right. He really knew.”

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