On March 29, Super Junior’s Shindong promised his fans to drop 11kg in one week for the promotion of his Mnet show “Beatles Code 2.

“Honestly, my weight is 91kg, but for the popularity of ‘Beatles Code 2,’ I’m willing to drop it to 80kg in one week,” Shindong said during the show he hosts.

“But if I fail to keep my promise, Jang Dong Min will have to withdraw from the show,” he added, giving a good laugh to viewers. Jang Dong Min is a co-host of the show.

In fact, this is not the first time that Shindong went on a diet. Last August, he kept his own diet journal on Twitter, giving daily updates to his fans on his weight change. Back then, he said he weighed around 90kg after dropping nearly 15kg on a diet.

Will Shindong be able to keep his word?