Super Junior member and actor Choi Siwon has recently shed his sexy and masculine image and went for a more natural and fresh look for a recent pictorial.

On August 16, “1st Look” magazine released several photos of Choi Siwon looking natural and laidback. Siwon’s hair and casual fashion style helped enhance his natural look as a 25-year-old man outside of his super star status.

Choi Siwon talked about his true personality during the interview that followed the photo shoot. He said, “I’m pretty delicate. I don’t like to make mistakes toward others. So I try not to do things that others don’t like.”

He also talked about Super Junior. “We were together since 2005. There were so many things that hapepned over the years. Whenever we came across a problem, we try to talk it out. Now we know so well about each others likes and dislikes. We’ve gotten used to each other. I want to continue to be with them,” he said as he expressed a deep affection and trust in the members.

Finally, he talked about himself as an actor and said, “I think I have such a set image. Not only as an actor but even as a person, I think have just one image and I want to break that.”

Choi Siwon’s further views on his acting, dating, his ideal type and more can be found through “1st Look” magazine.