Super Junior’s Siwon shared a funny story on his Twitter page today with a photo of a pho restaurant. He said, “Haven’t enjoyed such a relaxing and sunny afternoon in a while..came by myself to have pho. As soon as I walked in, ‘Mr. Simple’ played and the manager was confused. Usually you say, ‘Welcome, sir!’ but he just said, ‘Huh? Hello.’ I laughed by myself LOL.” 

Netizens who saw the tweet said, “Daebak funny,” “I think the manager’s a SuJu fan,” “Perfect timing,” and “I wonder how surprised the manger was.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” music video has recorded over 8 million views so far since its release earlier this month. Siwon’s fellow Super Junior member Heechul shocked the industry this week after revealing he would enlist in Korean military on September 1st.

How would you have greeted Siwon had you saw him at a restaurant?