A photo of Super Junior’s Yesung and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA have garnered netizens’ interest. On August 15, Yesung tweeted, “With baby YoonA. It’s raining so much,” and attached a photo of himself with his labelmate.

In the photo, both Yesung and YoonA are seen wearing similar black framed glasses as they pose for the camera. In one of the photos, YoonA displayed her playful nature by pointing up to her glass while giving a small pout. Meanwhile, Yesung’s black shirt, black glasses and black hair gave him a chic aura. At first glance, the two appeared to resemble each other like brother and sister as they shared the same milky skin, slim v-line, and sharp nose.

Netizens who’ve seen the photos commented, “They look like cute siblings,” “YoonA unnie, distance yourself from my Yesung oppa,” “Even in a simple white tee, she still looks great,” “I didn’t know they were close,” and more.