During an appearance on the April 20 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” Super Junior’s Yesung satisfied people’s curiosity about his seemingly thinner appearance.

He explained that he had the type of physique that bloated easily, and revealed how it even confused his some of his members.

“People who remember what I was like during debut [years] will probably think I was chubby. At the time, my face used to be swollen a lot. Nowdays, I merely work hard to control the bloating,” Yesung stated. “So, I don’t consume any salty foods.”

While talking about a time he ate exactly three pieces of salted shrimp because his mom insisted it was okay, the idol hilariously recalled, “I went to the press conference for ‘Awl’ right after I ate [them].”

Yesung continued, “Back then, Siwon called me right away after he saw pictures from [the conference]. He asked, ‘Do you get shots (botox) on your face?’ [because my face was swollen].”

The Super Junior member also hinted at the group’s future plans, as well as his amusing feelings about Kyuhyun’s upcoming enlistment.

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