Super Star K3 has been stirring a lot of interest on the internet because of the “T-Shirt Girl” who was found to be Yoo Jin Ah who had appeared on the reality show, “Couple Jjak.”

Another focus of interest was the contestant, Choi Young Tae who was sporting a G-Dragon look but played the guitar. When he auditioned, Choi Young Tae played a song that he had written called “Without Any Words.” Upon hearing the song, Lee Seung Chul stated, “I am releasing my 11th album soon, do you want to sell that song to me?” Of course, this statement garnered a lot of interest because Lee Seung Chul is infamous for being like the “Simon” from American Idol. It was probably one of the greatest compliments that Lee Seung Chul had given, and Netizens were very curious if Lee Seung Chul actually approached Choi Young Tae.

Lee Seung Chul’s representative commented on the matter, “Lee Seung Chul did not approach Choi Young Tae personally, he was just complimenting the contestant. Lee Seung Chul would not do this because of fairness.”