Mnet started receiving applications for “Superstar K4” on March 8. Within one day, more than 70,000 applicants rushed with the dreams of becoming the next big star. Mnet announced that they have received a total of 70,881 applications via ARS service within one day. This is approximately a 50% increase in the “first-day applicant pool” compared to “Superstar K3’s” 47,114 applicants on the first day. 

As of 11AM today (March 9), the number of applicants increased to 73,658, and officials are anticipating to receive even more influx of applicants. Looking at the demographic information of the applicant pool, 57.8% are male, 38.8% female, and 3.4% are groups. Regionally, Mnet received the most applicants from Seoul (37.1%), followed by Busan (18.6%), Incheon (10.3%), Daejun and Daegu (10.2% each), and Gwangju (9.4%).

Mnet commented, “The number of applicants increased exponentially last evening. We believe it’s because that [evening time] is when students and workers get out of school and work. We are very grateful to receive unchanging love and support from so many people. We are thoroughly preparing for the filming of the show so that we do not disappoint our fans.”

Anyone can apply to be in “Superstar K4” via ARS 1600-0199 regardless of their nationality and age. ARS application process consists of choosing individual or group application, submitting information about age and region, and singing for one minute. 

“Superstar K4” will conduct regional preliminary rounds from April to July and start airing in August. UCC application submission will be activated on March 15.