More people are learning Korean than ever before thanks to K-pop and K-dramas; there are books, there are classes, there are apps… and now there’s Viki! In celebration of Korean culture and language on Soompi this month, we’ve got a brand new tool just for you to supercharge your learning using what probably got you interested in Korean in the first place: K-entertainment.

We present to you: Viki Learn!

Viki Learn is the happy marriage between Learn Mode on Viki and the Viki’s drama vocab quiz, giving you the best of both worlds, but with upgrades to include more interactivity than ever.

With Viki Learn, in addition to watching K-dramas and clicking on Korean subs for word definitions, you can take episode-specific vocab quizzes, save words to your own collection, see other drama clips in which the word you’re learning appeared, and so much more.

See more details below about Viki Learn’s various features, and stay tuned, because this is the first taste of a powerful tool in the making, with some awesome new features on the way and more to come based on your feedback!

Here’s how Viki Learn works and what you can do:

Watch dramas with both English and Korean subtitles
If you want to challenge yourself, you can turn English subtitles off with the CC icon (see image below).

Expand your vocabulary with a suggested study guide for each episode.
To the right of the video player is a list of words to get you started. They will be highlighted yellow in the subtitles. To jump to a scene in which a word appeared, click on the Korean word (boxed in yellow) in the vocab list.

Save words to a personalized vocab list.
If you prefer instead to create your own vocab list, you can bookmark any word that appears in the drama. Just click a word in the Korean subtitles to see a pop-up definition, and select the bookmark icon to save a word for quizzes and review later.

Are they talking too fast? Slow it down!
If the normal speed of the dialogue is getting away from you, click on the turtle icon to slow down the audio.

Quizzes, quick and easy.
While watching an episode, take a mini quiz to review the words that you’ve learned in small chunks, and test your newfound knowledge with a bigger quiz at the end of each episode, choosing any combination of three types of questions: vocabulary, listening, and fill-in-the-blank.

You can also take quizzes based on your bookmarked list.

Learn how words are used in a variety of situations and contexts.
Anywhere you see a magnifying glass icon, click to check out how the word is used in different scenes from different dramas. With this tool, you can really get a feel for the word as well as learn to recognize it being said by different people.

If you are curious if some other word was used in a drama, wonder no more! Type in the word you’re looking for in the search bar at the top-right (in either Korean or English; make sure you select KO or EN) and click on the search button for the definition and a list of different drama scenes that you can watch and study on the spot.

Ready to learn some Korean with Viki Learn?

Head over to to take your Korean to the next level with the dramas and actors you love! Make sure you let us know what you think as well as what you need in the feedback form on the bottom-right of Viki Learn’s site, because we’ll be continuing to improve and add to the site based on what you say!

Currently, Viki Learn is only available in the United States and Canada due to content licensing restrictions, but we are working on expanding our library of available dramas and getting the site out to language lovers worldwide. The site is compatible with all browsers (except Internet Explorer), and we recommend using desktop for access to the full set of features.

Find out more on Culture & Language month for our year-long Soompi 20th birthday celebration here (#FromMeToYou).