Actor Song Il Gook’s middle triplet, Song Min Gook, recently took full advantage of the samples provided at the foods stands at a grocery store.

On the June 7 broadcast of KBS’ variety show “Superman Returns,” dad Song Il Gook took his triplet sons on a shopping trip to a local grocery store.

During this grocery store adventure, the triplets—Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se—were each given a basket for groceries. The kids all went their separate ways in order to look for the items that Song Il Gook asked them to find on their own.

Min Gook’s task was to find dates (jujube). However, on his way to search for dates, he was unable to hold back from helping himself to some free samples.

Starting with sausage samples, Min Gook moved on to feast on yogurt, bread, and more. It seems that the bread samples stole his heart, as he ended up filling up his basket with bread.

min gook 2

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