On the June 28 episode of KBSSuperman Returns,” Song Il Gook takes the triplets down to the country to get their hands and feet dirty.

“They’ve only grown up in the city, and all they’ve known is ‘concrete culture,’ so whenever the opportunity comes up, I want to give them the chance to experience actual soil,” says Song Il Gook.

On the way, Song Il Gook and the three little ones stop at a rest area to grab some food and stretch their legs.

daehan mingook manse superman

While Daehan, Mingook, and Manse are digging into their food, they hear music coming from nearby performers. They go to check it out, and the triplets, seeing the dancers, can’t help but to dance and bounce adorably along. Mingook seems unable to stop his groove, while Manse grabs a pan flute and energetically pretends to play along to the music.

superman returns triplets dance

Watch the full clip below: