On the upcoming episode of variety show “Superman Returns,” Lee Hwi Jae and his twin sons Seo Eon and Seo Jun go fishing for smelt. After fishing, the family sits down to eat and the boys try a spicy pepper dipping sauce.

Seo Jun, known to be very curious, sees his dad dipping a piece of raw smelt in a spicy sauce and mimics him, dipping his own fried smelt in the same sauce and eating it. As soon as he tastes the spiciness, his eyes open wide and he starts tearing up. Not knowing what to do, he sticks his hands in his mouth to try to get rid of the taste.

His brother Seo Eon decides to scoop up some of the spicy dipping sauce with his finger and take a taste. Seo Eon has a decidedly different reaction than his brother, appearing relaxed and even laughing while tasting the spicy sauce. Seo Eon seems to already have the palate of an adult.

Surprised that his 23 month old twins are eating the spicy sauce, Lee Hwi Jae jokingly asks them, “What star are you from?”

This episode of “Superman Returns” will air on March 1.