An ARMY shared pictures at a Hong Kong supermarket, revealing the store has had a massive restock of Korean tea brand Teazen.

Hong Kong supermarket TEAZEN stand | @prodK0YA/Twitter

BTS‘s Jungkook‘s influence had previously outsold stores worldwide after revealing his love for the brand’s lemon kombucha. Even Jungkook himself couldn’t find the drink anymore!

Jungkook talking about the kombucha during VLIVE | confidenceatitsfinest/Tumblr

According to Lex (@prodK0YA on Twitter), the supermarket opened a new store because of “sudden extreme demand due to a K-Pop star.” When she asked who it was, they showed her a picture of Jungkook in the staff booklet with an explanation of how he talked about the drink during his live broadcast.

Lex also shared that the large Teazen stand has a sign, advertising it as the famously sold-out product loved by “Korea’s super famous godly group.”

Check out more about the famous kombucha below:

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