Universal Japan Music just released an audio teaser for an acoustic ballad version of Supernova‘s much-anticipated single “Kimi Dake Wa Hanasanai.”

Supernova already released teasers for “Kimi Dake Wa Hanasanai” and “Meki☆Love” back on June 30th, but they have come back to tease their fans a little bit more before the official releases of both songs on August 10th.

In the midst of a trend where the majority of boy bands are promoting powerful dance numbers, it is quite refreshing to hear a ballad. Take some time to listen to the powerful yet soothing vocals of Supernova in the audio preview below. 

Also, for those of you who didn’t get a chance to watch the teasers for “Kimi Dake Wa Hanasanai” and “Meki☆Love” yet, take a look at those below.

cr YT @universaljapanmusic