Superstar K” season three winner, Lim Yoon Tek of Ulala Session has filmed a teaser for the fourth season of “Superstar K,” and is looking quite healthy.

According to sources from Mnet on March 5, in order to film a teaser for “Superstar K” season four, Lim Yoon Tek along with the rest of the Ulala Session members and Huh Gak immediately came upon request.

Mnet said, “We were so happy and delighted to see each other for the first time in a long while. The members of Ulala Session had to film with serious expressions but they kept laughing because they were so excited, so we had many NGs. Lim Yoon Tek looked very healthy and successfully finished shooting.”

Last year, during the height of the “Superstar K 3” frenzy, it was revealed that Ulala Session’s charismatic leader, Lim Yoon Tek was a cancer patient. It was a touching process to see Lim Yoon Tek perform and compete even with his illness.

Mnet continued to say, “We are hoping for a new challenger who will transcend Huh Gak and Ulala Session. We are confident that this fourth season will find someone like that.”

The fourth season of “Superstar K” will start auditions on March 8 to April 7 and the first episode will air in August.

Check out the teaser below!