Hip Hop duo Supreme Team is beginning their individual solo activities. Supreme Team is notable for being highly successful as a hip hop group while K Pop is currently dominated by idol groups.

Simon D will begin his solo career beginning from the end of August, when he will release his solo album. Simon D will display his unique style of rapping. Afterwards, fellow member E-Sens will also release a solo album.

A representative of Supreme Team stated on July 25th, “While the two members of Supreme Team were performing together they always wanted to have solo albums, both members will release albums that have unique hip hop styles. They are preparing various stage performances.

For over two years Supreme Team has been successful with their songs online. Simon D has also appeared on various variety shows, increasing the fan base. Recently, for Mnet’s “MAMA awards” Supreme Team received the “New Singer” award for the first time as a hip hop group, and also they have received an award during “Mnet’s 20’s choice.”